Rape figures alarm Trelawny top cop

January 09, 2018
Superintendent Dwight Powell

The migration of criminals from parishes such as St James and Hanover has been listed as a major worry for the Trelawny police.

"They come into the parish and purchase houses from where they come out to commit crimes. We will be heavily dependent on the community to provide information which will help in our efforts," Superintendent of police in charge of the Trelawny, Dwight Powell, said.


Previous year


Despite seeing a reduction in the number of murders committed in the parish last year, when compared with the previous year, major crimes are on the increase in the parish.

"Rapes were a large part of this increase, followed by shootings and break-ins. The rape figures are alarming and I would rather not release the figures," said Powell.

Powell told the WESTERN STAR that the police will be focusing on forging a better relationship with residents to fight crime in the parish.

"We intend to have a robust public education campaign, and our community relations officer, Sergeant Wayne Wallace, will be spearheading this. He has been assigned a vehicle and additional staff to help in this regard," Powell added. "This will help us significantly, and we will be able to get intelligence, which is one way of helping police work."

In 2017, the Trelawny police division recorded 21 murders, five fewer than had been recorded the previous year.

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