Family to bury relatives side by side

January 11, 2018
Gravediggers prepare the final resting places for Eric Wilson Snr and his grandson Eric Wilson, at the Falmouth Cemetery in Trelawny.

Annette Wilson is a relieved woman. Wilson's husband Eric Wilson and her grandson, who had the same name as his grandfather, died a week apart. But at least now the grieving widow and grandmother can now have one funeral day for both.

"The police have now given permission as the post mortem for junior (her grandson), who was a victim in a motor vehicle accident, has been done. My stress level has gone down and my asthma attack can now be controlled," she told THE STAR.

She revealed that although the children and the Albert Town High School community have rallied around her (her grandson attended the institution), she did not want two separate funerals.

The thanksgiving service for both is now set for January 13 at The St Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Falmouth.

At the gravedigging at the Falmouth Cemetery, the elder Wilson's son (with his uncle Randy) entertained the diggers with stories of his father.

"One night, I drove his car down the wrong way along a one-way street. On seeing the police, I just made a U-turn for home with the police in hot pursuit," he said. "When I drove in a gave him (his father) a brief story. He just came out, walked by the police and locked his gate. The superintendent had to come and beg him to open the gate and let the police, and his motorcycle out. They left without giving me a ticket."

Vince Campbell, who is the lead mason, said all who are involved in the digging are doing it for free.

"This does not include the obligatory 'flowing of the spirits' and the home-made material for smoking," he joked.

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