Trelawny drenched again

January 16, 2018
This home in Bottom Town, Clarks Town was amoong those flooded.
Barnstable in Jackson Town was among the areas affected by rain on Sunday night into yesterday.
Some residents of Hyde in Trelawny wade through the flooded roadway.
Clifton and Ambersine Perry outside their home in Jackson Town which was flooded by overnight rain.

Rain, which started at about 9 p.m. on Sunday, has caused massive flooding in areas of Trelawny. Several homes in Barnstaple, Jackson Town, and Bottom Town in Clarks Town were flooded, forcing residents to seek shelter in the homes of relatives.

Clifton and Ambersine Perry, who live in Jackson Town, told the WESTERN STAR that this is the second time in three weeks that their house has been flooded.

"The sinkhole that used to lead the water has been blocked by garbage, and this the problem," Clifton said.

Ken Grant, who lives in Albert Town, blamed much of the flooding on human action.

"The way we treat the environment - cutting down trees and building in watershed areas - is contributing to the flooding we are experiencing," he said.

Cynthia Forbes of Bottom Town was among those who had to abandon their houses after they were flooded.

"Just last week the water came into the house and wet up everything. My bed and furniture were just drying and now this again," she said with a heavy sigh.

In addition to homes being flooded, several roads have been damaged, especially in Daniel Town.

"I am making an appeal to the National Works Agency for some money to help with rehabilitating some of the damaged roadways," North Trelawny Member of Parliament Victor Wright said.

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