Beverly Salmon-Jolly is a proud ‘Jerichonian’

January 30, 2018

Beverly Salmon-Jolly, a teacher at the Jericho Primary and Infant School's Infant Department in Hanover, is pleased to be imparting knowledge at the school she attended in the 1970s.

"I am proud to be here giving back to my community and to my school, and I feel good to know that the students that I taught, they have achieved a lot," said 58-year-old Salmon-Jolly, who has been teaching at the school for 13 years.

"I feel good to know that my students are going to high schools and are performing well and that I can see some of them becoming nurses, police officers, taking positions in the society. I feel proud that 'Jerichonians' are standing up in different positions around the country and also abroad," she added.

The experienced educator, who had previously taught at the neighbouring Retrieve Basic School and then at Cool Savannah Basic School in Westmoreland, returned to her alma mater in 2005 when it was the Jericho Basic School. She remained on the teaching staff when the school merged with the nearby infant school in 2015.

Salmon-Jolly still has fond memories of her own time as a student, as according to her, students back then got to participate in practical exercises.

"We were involved in a lot of farming and a lot of sewing. We could look forward to Thursdays, when the girls would be doing sewing and the boys would be doing farming," said Salmon-Jolly. "We also were involved in a little baking, we used to take part in Spelling Bee competitions, and the children always looked forward to taking part in cultural activities."

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