Roadwork to affect Falmouth Fire Station

January 30, 2018
The Trelawny Fire Brigade

The J$160-million streetscape and drain-cleaning work for Tharpe Street in Falmouth is set to begin next Monday.

But the impending road closure is poised to have a negative impact on the operations at the Falmouth Fire Station as one of its exits is located on Tharpe Street.

"If there is a fire anywhere in the town, we will have to use the wetlands south of the pier to access Market Street and Water Square," said Superintendent Roland Walters, who heads the fire department. "The impending closure and roadwork is going to affect the response time negatively in case there is a fire."

"It will cause a disruption, but the work is necessary. I have seen vehicles and pedestrians falling into open drains from time to time," noted Walters.

When a section of the north coast highway recently caved in, forcing the diversion of traffic through Falmouth, Tharpe Street was one of the roadways used to ease the massive traffic pile-up.

"I am hoping that the use of the narrow wetland roads will not cause anything similar to that night of misery," said resident Leslie Blake.

Falmouth's mayor, Colin Gager, told the WESTERN STAR that the work is slated to be done in phases in an effort to minimise any inconvenience the closure may cause. The work is scheduled to last for six weeks.

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