Woman wants justice after dog bite

February 17, 2018
Marion Simpson shows off the wounds from her ordeal.
Marion Simpson said she has spent thousands on medical bills and transportation since she was bitten.

More than four years after being attacked by a security company's dog in downtown Kingston, Marion Simpson is yet to receive compensation for her injuries.

Simpson told THE STAR that on October 2, 2013, she was speaking on her phone and did not see that a dog was in a van she was passing.

"Me just feel something grab me hand and when me look me see seh the dog hang on to me hand and a try draw me ova ina the van. All when di people dem start lick it ina it head it still a try. A di security guard say something to him and him let me go," she said.

The security guard took Simpson to the Kingston Public Hospital.

"Before him lef, him give me some information about the security company. Dem never wait on me or anything," she said.

After receiving treatment, Simpson said she reported the matter to the Denham Town Police Station and then sought an attorney.

"Fi years me a try get the matter deal with and can't take a step further, cuz di police dem a tell me say dem no see the report and a bag a tings," she said.




Simpson, however, showed THE STAR a photocopy of the police report receipt and a letter addressed to her attorney stating that checks were made but the report was not found.

The letter also stated that the recording officer was no longer a policeman.

"Nobody is doing anything. If me no call the lawyer, dem don't call, and the police a give me the runaround," she said.

Since the incident, Simpson said she had to make several visits to the doctor as she is constantly affected by the bites.

"Me hand did swell up bad because me have keloid skin so the doctor did have to inject it so them go down. Nuff time it hurt me bad and me hand just get numb so," she said.

Simpson said she has made several trips to the police station since.

"A January a the last time me go and dem direct me to a superintendent. She tell me say is INDECOM (Independent Commission of Investigations) have the report book. It hard on me enuh, is 14 grandchildren me have and is the little selling me do to help me children sometimes with them," she said.

Simpson said she has spent over $70,000 on medical bills and travelling expenses and would like to be compensated.

She also stated that she was advised by her attorney not to make contact with the security company.

"Is nuff pain me go thru and is like me no have nowhere to turn and get little help, nowhere," she said.

THE STAR reached out to the Denham Town police and other sections within the police force for a comment but none was forthcoming.

However, a representative for INDECOM stated that the organisation would be looking into the matter.

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