Boys kick schoolgirl for picking up money - Angry mother wants students punished for 'prank'

March 28, 2018

Officials at a Kingston-based high school have commenced an investigation into an incident where a 14-year-old girl was allegedly kicked repeatedly by a group of upper school boys at the institution following a money prank.

The mother of the eight grader is also demanding that no stone be left unturned, as those responsible for her daughter's pain should be dealt with swiftly.

"About 15 to 20 boys kick her up at school. She went to the guidance counsellor, and they told her it's her fault. She a pass, dem put money on the ground, and she take it up and ask whose is it, and dem rush her and start kick her up," the parent told THE STAR.

Information reaching our news team is that the prank has been going on at the institution for quite some time.

This was confirmed by a senior member of the administration.

"The students have a game. They put money on the floor. Whoever take it up, they attack them, but it's usually the boys who play the game. Let us say she didn't know, so she took it up and this is where it reach," the administrator said.

But the mother is not amused.

"Dem kick her in her front, ba**y, belly, everywhere. Suppose yuh see how the redness was on her skin. The incident happened like the Wednesday, and she never report it until the following week. Dem threaten her say she nuh fi call name or else weh dem a go do," the angry mother said.

THE STAR gathered that since the incident, several of the boys have not returned to school.

The mother said that she visited the school upon learning about the attack on her daughter.




But she insists that the school did not do enough to address the situation, and she was further angered.

She then decided to make a formal report at the police station, but she claims that she was told to return to the school for a formal letter to bring to a doctor before returning to the police station.

"I was going to take her to a private doctor, but I took her to the clinic instead because it's a serious situation. The school nuh give me no letter. The guidance counsellor tell her that if she never tek up the money that wouldn't happen. It's a prank, and is dem put down the money, but she never understand and tek it up."

Meanwhile, the senior staff member insists that an investigation has began.

"Yes, the investigation is going on. One of the students implicated [in the matter] has not returned to school. The dean of discipline and the principal are investigating the incident. The names of the other students involved have been collected," the representative said.

"Before the mother came to the school, the dean already commenced an investigation," the representative added.

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