Gays chase man to police station - Tells court they threatened to rape him

April 14, 2018

A Kingston man is set to stand trial on a charge of wounding after he reportedly threw a bottle at a group of men he claims to be gay, cutting one of them.

The accused, Mark Silence, said the men threatened to rape him.

"I just come from a party and was walking home. When I reach near Triple Century, I saw a group of guys a psst after me. One dressed as a woman and dem surround me and start talk ina gypsy. Dem start corner me so mi fling a rum cream bottle and cut one a dem," Silence said.




He told the court that his action, which took place in New Kingston, didn't prevent the men from making their advances at him.

"Me did affi run go inna the station and lock di door behind me, cause dem run mi down go straight ina the station. Mi ask the police if dem a go mek dem come in and rape me," Silence said.

He told the court that the policeman at the station asked him if he was not aware that the gay men use the space for their antics.

Silence entered a plea of guilty but Parish Judge Broderick Smith told him that his explanation amounted to a case of self-defence and so his plea would be not guilty.

Silence's bail was extended and he is schedule to return to court on June 7.

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