Probing Portland: Fight over messy toilet costs ‘Hampa’ his boat

May 03, 2018
Fishermen at the Manchioneal fishing beach in Portland.

Owen 'Hampa' Dixon was not prepared to take the 'tough talk' from a man who used his toilet and refused to clean it when he was done.

So Hampa gave the man a fine beating. Now, the veteran fisherman is without a boat as he had to sell it to pay the damages to the assaulted man.

The 60-year-old Hampa had been fishing for 46 years at the Manchioneal fishing beach and finally managed to buy himself a boat.

"A fishing feed mi family, and a it build mi house. A man leave from over him village and come a mi yard and mess up mi toilet. Mi did affi lick him up mash him up bad, bad. And a $406,000 him sue me for, so me affi sell my boat," said Hampa as he argued that this was a hard decision, but his only choice.

"A mi fren dem mi afi a work with, and mek me tell you di truth, you see if him never a give me nuh tough talk, it wouldn't reach deh so," added Hampa, who still owes the man.

"It's just for last month I didn't pay him, but him ago get it this month. A just how the money come, you see. Mi owe him $80,000. The lawyer call me and a say me to pay up more, but I nah go rob," He said.

According to Hampa, he is not proud of his actions because the community is nice and the fisherfolk "live good".

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