McGregor wants youngsters off streets by 9 pm

May 15, 2018
ACP Steve McGregor

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Steve McGregor has called for a nightly curfew for youngsters under the age of 17.

Under McGregor's plan, these youngsters must be off the streets by 9 p.m.

Speaking at the launch of the Safe Community Programme in Bunkers Hill, Trelawny, on Thursday, McGregor said that the curfew is among six main pillars that are required in building a safe community. The other things that he said are necessary are the formation of police youth clubs; having an active neighbourhood watch; maintaining an active consultative committee; registering all the educational institutions in the communities under the safe schools programme; and the establishment of a mentorship programme for youngsters.

"All six areas can work, but we need you, the citizens of Bunkers Hill, to buy into it," McGregor said. "We cannot do this without you."

McGregor, who now leads the police's safety and security branch, has in the past pointed out that the vast majority of murders are being committed by young people.

In February, he announced a new supervised curfew programme aimed at getting young people away from criminal elements. As head of the Kingston West Police Division, McGregor, in 2014, started a curfew programme as part of a crusade against crime.

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