Deejay's son remains behind bar

July 04, 2018
Bert Samuels

The 16-year-old son of a popular dancehall entertainer, who is charged with murder, will have to wait until month end to know whether he would be granted bail.

The teenager and 23-year-old Andre Hines were charged three weeks ago with the murder of Lorenzo Thomas, in Cassava Piece, St Andrew.

Bert Samuels, one of the attorneys representing the teen, started a bail application in court yesterday. Samuels argued that his client was a fit candidate for bail and urged the court to release him on bond.

“No ruling has yet been made by the judge. Part of the bail application was heard and we are to continue on July 31,” Samuels said.

Prosecutors reported that on June 5, men armed with guns, machetes and gasolene invaded Mr Thomas’ home. He was shot, beheaded and his body set ablaze.

The police say the teen and Hines were part of the group. They are also charged with conspiracy to murder and arson.

Meanwhile, Samuels said he does not think the failure of his client’s father to honour the request of local law enforcement authorities and return to Jamaica for questioning has any bearing on his case.

“His father is a resident of the United States and has no obligation to come here,” Samuels said.



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