My client did nothing wrong - Lawyer defends businessman who shot guard

July 04, 2018
Christopher Townsend

Defence attorney Christopher Townsend is strongly defending the actions of his client, Andrew Woolery, the man who shot a security guard during an altercation at Braemar Estate, Kingston, on Monday.
The incident, which was captured on video, has gone viral.

“As the video clearly indicates, it was what you call a slow shot. Obvious self defence! The man was trying to disarm him. He attacked my client so my client was clearly defending himself,” Townsend said.

“There were two attacks on my client, one by plain clothes security and by the KingAlarm guards. We went to the police, my client was processed and sent home. We are expected to meet with the police at a later time,” Townsend said.

Another defence attorney, Able Don Foote, told The STAR that the actions of Woolery are defendable.
“Based on the videos I have seen, he was acting in lawful self-defence in keeping with the principles established from the court of appeal case of R v Clive Mullings 2013, which affords for a preemptive strike”.


The St Andrew Central police are conducting an investigation into the incident. Reports are that shortly after 5 p.m., Woolery and the security guard were involved in an altercation.

A report from the police states that the security guard attacked Woolery and pushed him to the ground. The businessman pulled his firearm and discharged one round which struck the security guard in the neck.

Other security guards attached to KingAlarm, who were present, disarmed the businessman and took him into custody. However, some actions by the KingAlarm guards have come under public scrutiny.

The injured guard was taken to hospital for treatment.

John Azar, managing director of KingAlarm, has since released a statement on the incident.

“Without the benefit of a thorough investigation into what transpired, I have seen enough on social media to cause me concern as relating to the actions of some of the individuals who were at the scene. As such, all KingAlarm personnel who were present have been pulled from duty pending the outcome of the investigations by ourselves, the police and other authorities, all of which are already under way,” Azar said.

“I have personally reached out to the firearm holder in the video and expressed my concerns directly to him and assured him of my availability for further discussions in the coming days,” he added. 




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