Shay makes cars sexy - Designer adds colour to vehicle interiors

July 06, 2018
Some of Shay's work.
Shay Anderson (right) and her mom Sheron Forrester-Anderson.

It is no myth that some men are emotionally attached to their vehicles and will go the extra mile to personalise their rides.

Some use unusual stickers, rims and just about anything else to make their automobile stand out.

But males aren't the only ones who are head over heels in love with their automobiles.

Twenty-six-year-old teacher Shay Anderson and her mother, Sheron Forrester-Anderson, are among the women who are 'car crazy'.

They have even turned their love into a business.

It was Shay's 'obsession' with her car that lead her to create and operate Shayztouch, a business that makes personalised seat coverings for vehicles.

"I like to personalise things, and I am a car enthusiast, so I'm always thinking of ways how to modify my car. I purchased a car-seat cover downtown, but I didn't like the way it looked. It didn't even fit properly, and the material wasn't good so in no time, it looked horrible," she said.

She told The WEEKEND STAR that she went material shopping with her mother and then made the coverings that she said brought life to her car.

Whenever Anderson is out of the classroom, she and her mother are busy designing the car-seat covers, which she said are in high demand.

Most of the sets, she said, are complemented with cushions similar to those used in sofas. She operates out of her home in Portmore.

"Persons saw it and liked it and started to place their orders. It went around by word of mouth at first. Then, a friend posted it on social media. A lot of persons were surprised to find out that I am a female, so they post about it a lot, and now, we don't have enough hands to fulfil the orders," she said.

Anderson has no formal training in designing, but it wasn't hard for her to learn the trade since both her mother and grandmother are designers.

Shayztouch also designs sofa covers, handbags and sanitary-pad pouches.

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