Taxi man to be sentenced for 25 bags of ganja

July 24, 2018
Preparing a ganja spliff on the streets of downtown Kingston.


A St James taxi operator who was held with a quarter-pound of ganja in 25 bags will know his fate when he returns to the St James Parish Court for sentencing on September 11.

Forty-seven-year-old Tomlin Smith pleaded guilty to possession of and dealing in ganja when he appeared before Parish Judge Sandria Wong-Small last Wednesday.

Although the circumstances behind Smith's arrest were not disclosed, the court was told that he was held with the ganja parcelled in 25 plastic bags, plus money amounting to J$200 which was in the same bag with the ganja.

Tomlin's lawyer, Stacy-Ann Young, asked Judge Wong-Small for leniency towards her client, as he did not have a criminal record before being charged.

The judge also asked for a social enquiry report for Smith.


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