Duanvale man dies in suspected suicide case

August 14, 2018
Raymond Robinson
Rochelle Williams, girlfriend of Raymond Robinson, sits with Fredrick Robinson, whose brother is believed to have killed himself at Duanvale in Trelawny on Sunday.

In addition to dealing with the shocking death of her spouse, Rochelle Williams has been forced to confront an allegation that Raymond Robinson attempted to strangle her before taking his own life.

Robinson, 34, a gardener of Duanvale, Trelawny, was found dead at his home in the district on Sunday. Superintendent of Police Dwight Powell said Robinson is believed to have committed suicide.

"Information from investigations is that he had an altercation during Saturday night and was separated by his brother. He left the home at around 1 a.m. Indications are that he consumed a corrosive substance from which he died," Powell told WESTERN STAR.

However, Williams who shared a 17-year relationship with Robinson, said her deceased man did not attempt to kill her.

"We have differences, which is not different from any other couple, but there was no attempt to strangle me," said Williams, who had three children with Robinson.

"Raymond and I have been together for 17 years and to see it end like this, I cannot explain how I feel. It is going to be difficult for me and the children. He was the one who earned most. I just do some babysitting, which does not pay a lot," she said.

Fredrick Robinson, a brother of the deceased, was still in shock when WESTERN STAR visited Duanvale yesterday.

"He never gave any indication that he would do anything that stupid," Fredrick said.

"I am lost and my brain is all mashed up. I have been drinking rum from Sunday and can't get drunk. Me nuh get nuh sleep yet and I am not even half sleepy," he added.

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