'Mama B' gone to meet her maker

August 14, 2018
Beryl 'Mama B' Gillings

Scores of mourners turned out at the Bounty Hall New Testament Church of God in Trelawny to pay their last respects to church stalwart and community icon Beryl 'Mama B' Gillings at a thanksgiving service on Saturday, August 11.

Mama B, who was born on October 22, 1934, died on July 16.

Her son, Baldwin Jarrett, in his tribute, described her as a true Christian woman.

"She was kind and caring, one who loved to share," Jarrett said as he fought back the tears.

"At Christmas time, she cooked for the shut-ins in the district, and by her exemplary Christian life, we, her children, learnt to be caring and to live a prayerful life."

Other speakers remembered Mama B as one who gave herself to her community.

"She prayed consistently for everyone and everything. She believed that everything was possible through prayer," Dawn Henry, a grandniece of the deceased said. "Her prayer in church was long and even longer at the dinner table even if you were hungry."

Journalist Mark Titus said that Mama B adopted him as a son and took her motherly role very seriously.

"She always has an encouraging word. She is always praying, and even during her illness, she was a tower of strength for me. Her passing has left a huge void in many lives," he said

In his sermon, Bishop Gregory Haughton charged his congregation to emulate the qualities of Mama B.

"Even in her sick state, even on her deathbed, she was offering encouragement, and more than all, she was confident and ready to meet the Lord," he said.

Mama B was buried in the family plot in Bounty Hall.

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