'A better dem did kill me' - Mother of slain nail tech puzzled by daughter's murder

August 23, 2018
Mileta Taylor is a picture of grief as she remembers her daughter Hafia Fowles, who was murdered on Tuesday in 100 Lane.
Taylor shows the spot where her daughter's life was taken.
Mileta Taylor is puzzled why anyone would want to kill her daughter.
Grieving mother Mileta Taylor.

Mileta Taylor stood metres from where her daughter was murdered on Tuesday in 100 Lane in St Andrew, seemingly lost and confused.

She used a fence to balance herself as she said the strength in her feet was gone.

When THE STAR visited the community yesterday, Taylor, 66, was the only human anywhere in sight.

The community, located off Red Hills Road, was quiet and resembled a ghost town, contrasting to what transpired less than 24 hours before loud explosions rang out.

Taylor was in the area at the time and had to take refuge. However, little did she know that when the smoke cleared, her offspring, 37-year-old Hafia Fowles, was the target.

She told THE STAR: "A better them did kill me. Weh dem kill Hafia for? She nah fire gun, she is not a police. Is not my only daughter but to me she is the breadwinner. Me get burn out so it end up that a she me live with."


Neighbouring community


Taylor told THE STAR that she is not holding up well as there was no reason for her daughter to be killed.

"I know she was standing there talking to somebody, then mi just hear the gunshot dem, but I think a police a run down taxi man so mi just go hide in a lady house. When the car drive pass mi only hear Hafia dead," she told THE STAR.

The residents told THE STAR that they believe Fowles' death was sparked by the death of a man from a neighbouring community last Friday.

"Dem claim say 100 Lane people a rejoice bout it. Nuh body ova ya nuh business with dat. Hafia nuh even like hear gunshot so dem shouldn't kill the woman," a resident said.

The residents told THE STAR that they have no reason to celebrate anybody's death, whether they lived a decent life or one of criminality.

Fowles, a nail tech, was gunned down shortly after 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

The police say the investigation is ongoing and they are actively monitoring the community.

While our news team was present, we observed a police service vehicle on patrol.

The Constant Spring Criminal Investigative Branch is investigating.

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