Vendors want to be part of Constant Spring development

August 24, 2018
Mark Rowe wants vendors to be part of Constant Spring development.
Venelda 'Claire' Campbell wants the market to be rebuilt after the road is expanded.

Constant Spring Market vendors, who are up in arms with the Government's plans to evict them come September 30 in order to carry out road expansion work, are blasting the authorities over how the situation is being handled.

One of the vendors, Mark Rowe, who has been in the space for more than 15 years, told THE WEEKEND STAR that they were being taken for fools.

"It's disrespectful. Mek we develop with the area. A leave dem a leave us behind. We a ask too decent, is like they want us to be aggressive. We nuh block no road, and burn no tyres. We protest with our cards," he said.

"A 'back-way' thing this Government a deal with. They knew about the plans, but they came to us last minute. We want to be in the development plans too. People who squat get better treatment than we."

The vendors told THE WEEKEND STAR that they pay between $500 and $2,000 for market fees, and even after getting the eviction notice, they continue to pay.

They noted that they are willing to comply, however, they are not planning on going anywhere far.

"I have a customer base that I have built over the 15 years I am here. What am I to do, just walk away leave all of that? I am willing to come out, but we not leaving the premises," Rowe said.

Fish vendor Venelda 'Claire' Campbell told THE WEEKEND STAR that she believes there is more than enough space to rebuild the market after the road is expanded.

"They say they need space for road. OK, take the space, but rebuild the market; the space is here. Look around there how much space we have. I sell right here, and I have two children to send to university come September," she said.

The vendors say they have also heard about a possible relocation to the Stony Hill Market, however, they have flatly reject any thought of it, citing that such a location is too far from their core customers.

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