Selling guineps is fruitful for working mother

August 27, 2018
Taste and buy! Lydia Richards shows off some of her sweet guineps.
Lydia Richards arranges her stall, with guineps being the big seller.

While $50 isn't enough to buy anything of value in Jamaica, it is sufficient for guinep vendor Lydia Richards, who sells bundles of the fruit to help care for her four children.

Flashing the news team a bright smile, the Rastafarian ties up a few bundles at her small stall along the Chapelton main road in Clarendon, while stating that this has been her only source of income for years.

"Me nah go say me a single mother because me get help from me 'King Man', but this a what me sell to make sure say me kids go school. A it pay me $2,500 partner a week time. Me did get a likkle contract to sweep the road one time but after that done, a this me start do for about four years now," she said.

Although guineps are her main sellers, Richards also juggles ripe plantains and pears.

"More time, all when it a rain me out here because times are hard and the children dem a depend on us to take care a dem. Me no have a lot in my brain and right now a computer a run the ting. So me work hard to make sure say me kids dem get everything inna dem brain whe me never get," she said.

Whenever guineps are out of season, Richards diverts to selling other fruits, but states that sales are not always good.

"A lot of what me sell no dear, so anuh like no big profit make off a it, but me still grateful for what Jah provide. There are days when nothing much no sell, especially now like how school is out, but a so life go. Tings soon pick up again," she said.

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