Student shot in Falmouth

September 06, 2018

A 13-year-old student was among three persons shot and injured in Falmouth, Trelawny, Thursday morning.

Superintendent Dwight Powell, head of the Trelawny Police, told The STAR that the incident took place about 6:25. It was carried out by a gunman who fired on a group of people who were standing at the corner of Georges and Market streets in the town.

Superintendent Powell said the gunman, after firing some five shots, boarded a car which headed towards Martha Brae.

"We are of the opinion that one of the injured persons was the target of the shooting. It is unfortunate that this is happening in the town. Regrettable, there have been increases in three major criminal areas of which murder is one of them. Last year, up this point there were 15 murders. The figure now stands at 19," Powell said.

The Superintendent is seeking to assure residents that police personnel are working to control crime in the parish.

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