Soldiers accused of 'looking' ghetto girls

September 28, 2018
A woman exits a vehicle during a spot check along Greenwich Road, Kingston.

Some members of the military who are positioned in communities in which states of public emergency have been declared are accused of seeking sexual favours from females in these areas.

"The soldier dem a deal with the man dem a way and a look off the woman dem," said a resident of a Kingston 13 community in which a state of public emergency has been declared.

"Dem nah nuh work fi do, enuh, cause nothing nah gwan, so I guess dem find time for other things," he charged.

One female resident said that "the soldier dem game strong".

"The other morning, mi step outta mi house and buck up inna one inna my yard, right at my front door. Hear him to me, 'yuh soon hear say yuh deh with soldier man suh a betta yuh gwan play the game'. Mi affi say 'no, you too much'," the woman claimed.

A state of emergency was declared in sections of Jamaica's capital city, Kingston on Sunday. The presence of security forces have since been beefed up in Greenwich Town, Hanna Town, Jones Town, Tivoli Gardens, Rose Town, Trench Town, Arnett Gardens, Denham Town and Whitfield Town.

The declaration of the state of emergency comes on the back end of a zone of special operations being implemented in Denham Town, west Kingston. A resident there told THE WEEKEND STAR that soldiers have formed relationships with females in the area.

"Yes man, a big talk down here. Gyal all a breed for soldier. When dem did deh bout, you done know dem put argument and get tru. A regular some of dem drive come back round here in plain clothes come look for the woman dem or give dem money. Nothing nuh wrong, enuh, cause some of the girl dem want the soldier dem help lift dem outta the place," a Denham Town resident said.

Meanwhile, a woman told THE WEEKEND STAR that it is unfair to suggest that soldiers have been targeting women in communities in there communities for sexual favours.

"The soldier dem a people too, enuh. Dem come bout and tek time know the place and the people. Dem have a drink a di bar dem and start conversation, and one thing lead to the next. Mi nuh have no problem with them cause dem nah violate. Soldier and police love woman, enuh," a female bartender told THE WEEKEND STAR.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Major Basil Jarrett, civil military co-operation and media affairs officer at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), he said the army has a "very serious policy" regarding professional conduct.

He said citizens who feel they have been harassed by particular members of the JDF "can lodge complaints about harassment and pass on the soldiers' information".

He also promised to look into the matter some more.

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