Stadium pool officials respond to Sean Paul's video rant

October 02, 2018
Sean Paul

A petition started by international recording artiste Sean Paul last Saturday about the health risks associated with a metal plant being in proximity to the National Stadium pool has reached the attention of stakeholders.

Information reaching THE STAR is that all the parties involved have either met or been contacted, with plans being drafted to correct the issue in the shortest possible time.

Major Desmon Brown, general manager of Independence Park Limited, told THE STAR that he was made aware of the issue yesterday after he was shown a video posted by Sean Paul in which he complained about the plant's proximity to the pool.

He said: "We have a maintenance facility and they were doing some welding last week. I was not aware of the issue with welding there. As soon I heard, I got in touch with the president of the swimming association (Martin Lyn)."

Brown said that they have agreed that they would "enclose it (the fence) so that we don't have an issue going forward".

The pool and plant are separated by a chain-link fence. When asked if enclosing the area completely would be sufficient enough to solve the problem, Brown said that was recommended by the stakeholders.

"I have also called in the welder, and we have decided to schedule welding outside of swimming time," he told THE STAR.

Sean Paul, who in the past represented Jamaica in water polo, said via his post that he still visits the area to swim.

In an excerpt from the post he lamented that "every time mi come swim ya so metal a go inna mi lungs".

Among other statements, he said: "It's disgraceful and I don't know who dweet, but me a start a petition."

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