Cabbie drives into sign to avoid robbery

October 03, 2018

Mandeville, Manchester:

A taxi driver, who plies the Knockpatrick to Mandeville route, is in hospital nursing gunshot wounds after men posing as passengers attacked him.

According to sources close to the victim, sometime after 4 p.m., the driver stopped along Manchester Road close to the Jamaica Defence Force's Foster Barracks (soldier camp) to pick up two passengers.

Upon entering the car, one of the men pulled a gun on him and demanded that he hand over the car.

In an effort to signal to commuters that something was wrong, the driver drove the car into the 'keep left' concrete sign in the middle of the road.

He was subsequently shot in his upper body.

The gunmen allegedly fled the scene on foot.

The driver was rushed to the hospital where he is currently being treated.

According to reports his condition is not serious.

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