Man stabbed at his birthday party

October 06, 2018

A woman who stabbed a man at his birthday gathering causing serious injuries was brought before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Carlene Stewart pleaded guilty to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm and said: "Your Honour, it was an accident."

The court heard that the complainant spent one week in hospital.

He was asked by parish judge Vaughn Smith if he agreed with Stewart that the stabbing was an accident.

The complainant said: "No, Your Honour. (I was) at my auntie bar celebrating my birthday and a friend said something to her. She blaze up and go away and come back. She stab mi inna my groin and buss two of my veins. I can't walk good and from that I can't work."

But Stewart countered.

"Is not like that, the guy ask mi what I am drinking and by the time I turn around to order him come inna mi back a say mi fi leave. Mi turn round and a suh him get cut. Mi never know him get cut and him neva know. A di blood we see."

She told the court that she was the only one who cared to have him get treated urgently.

"Your Honour, mi a ask people fi carry him go doctor and dem say no 'cause a suh him stay. Mi tek out $5,000 and pay a taxi man fi carry him go hospital. Mi spend seven days with him inna hospital, buy food and underpants. Mi never mean to stab him," Stewart said.

Smith asked the complainant if Stewart helped him at the hospital.

"No Your Honour. Sir, public give you everything free. We never deh a mi party a hold nuh vibe, she just attack me and stab me," the complainant said.

The matter will be mentioned again on October 30. Stewart's bail was extended until then.

The medical report in the matter is outstanding.

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