Another home torched in Waterhouse - Twenty left homeless after latest attack

October 16, 2018

The firebombing of homes has continued in Waterhouse, St Andrew. In the latest incident early yesterday morning, Heroes Day, 20 people including children were left homeless after thugs set a home ablaze for the second time as the ongoing gang war rages.

Information reaching THE STAR is that shortly after 4 a.m., residents reportedly heard loud explosions and gunshots, then saw smoke coming from a tenement yard on West Bay Farm Road.

Our news team visited the area about two weeks ago, when houses on Dill Path Crescent were destroyed by fire in the ongoing feud.

Opposing factions attacked and sprayed a house with bullets with the occupants, including infants inside, before setting the house ablaze.

It has been reported that since the start of the year, more than 50 persons have been left homeless in separate incidents, after their houses were firebombed.




THE STAR gathered that in the Heroes Day fire, the occupants had left the home unoccupied because of an earlier attempt to burn down the same place.

The fire destroyed all their possessions.

A resident told THE STAR: "A soon empty land round here because a bare burn out a gwaan. If a man can't catch yuh fi kill yuh, dem a mek sure yuh can't live deh. This about the fifth fire in the last month. Fire brigade tired fi come round ya."

The residents are crying out for peace or for a Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO) to be declared in the space.

The fire department confirmed that they were summoned to the area and provided cooling-down operations.

The police told THE STAR that they are monitoring the latest flare-up.

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