Baby Cayleb dedicated to the Lord

November 14, 2018
Father Royston Hinds looks closely at his son Cayleb, while mother Anna-Kay McDonald (second right) listens attentively to minister Samantha Reid's instructions. They are surrounded by godparents of Cayleb and officers of the Wisbeach church.

Assistant minister Samantha Blake-Reid has urged Anna-Kay McDonald and Royston Hinds to be examples to their baby son, Cayleb Royston Hinds.

The baby was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday, November 11, at the Wisbeach Church in Sanguinetti, Clarendon.

"The parents of this child must recognise the sacredness of their charge, and, with all sincerity, accept your responsibility for the nurture and admonition of this child, in the way of righteousness and godliness," said minister Blake-Reid.

The parents and godparents were also told that it is their duty to provide a Christian home and a godly environment for little Cayleb, and to ensure that he is trained to give reverence to the public and private worship of God.

"You shall seek to lead him into the love of God and the service of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ," reminded Blake-Reid.

The parents and their supporters pledged to grow the lad in the fear and admonition of the Lord, lead him early to accept Christ as his Saviour and Lord, and to set before him examples of a godly and consistent life.

In her prayer for the baby, Blake-Reid called on God to surround the baby boy with His love; and allow his parents to bring him up in the fear and admonition of His son Jesus Christ. She called on God to open doors for him and his parents, and that when he grows up, he will fulfill his purpose.

"I pray Mighty God that you will bless him academically and spiritually Father God. I pray that you will allow him to be a stalwart for your kingdom Mighty God, so that he will be an example and will influence others to come to you and to stand up as a soldier to plunder hell and populate heaven," prayed Blake-Reid.

Little Cayleb, who is also the grandson of Evadney and Glendon McDonald of Sanguinetti, was born at the Mandeville Regional Hospital in Manchester on August 12, 2018. He was nine pounds and four ounces at birth.

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