Johnson twins encourage children to attend church

November 14, 2018
Rennoy (left) and Devoy, the Johnson twins.

Rennoy and Devoy Johnson are twin sons born to Dave Johnson and Ann-Marie Smith from Devon in Manchester.

The boys were born four hours apart, but Devoy is the elder.

"It is not a great idea to be twins because persons have a challenge identifying us. Persons are confused who is who at times, and sometimes the wrong person gets blamed for things he did not do," said Rennoy. Because of that, they do not dress alike.

The boys have things in common other than their looks. They shared that they enjoy a few pieces of KFC, but their favourite drink is another matter.

Rennoy prefers a nice cup of Jamaican coffee, while Devoy enjoys Pepsi Cola.

The first-form students at Spalding High School made it clear that they want to be professionals. Devoy wants to play professional football, while Rennoy wants to be a professional musician.

"I love playing music. I play the drum set and I play it at my church, the Devon Missionary," said Rennoy.

The spiritually grounded twins believe children should attend church.

"That's where persons go to worship God for all His benefits towards them. It is important also that we all go to church because if more children do, they will learn to have manners to people," said Rennoy.

The Johnson twins said they love going to Sunday school, and Devoy believes that all children should attend, because whatever is taught there can be applied to their daily lives.

Rennoy thinks it is good to be in love with God because He gave His life for all, and the best that we can do to please Him is to live good lives and allow our lives to be good mirrors so that others can see themselves through us.


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