Galina grieves for 'community mother'

December 11, 2018
Cicilly Bradbury, Dawnette Maxwell's daughter, at her home in Galina, St Mary, yesterday, holding a photo of her mother.


Cicilly Bradbury has been struggling to deal with the sudden loss of her mother, Dawnette Maxwell, who was shot and killed by District Constable Toyan Ormsby on the grounds of the Islingston Police Station on Sunday.

"Words can't explain how I feel. I wasn't looking for this at this moment because we know say she nuh inna no war with nobody. Probably if she did sick and pass away, probably we could understand," said Bradbury, one of Maxwell's three children.

The grieving daughter said her mother, who was due to leave the island in a few days, had brought lunch from Galina to a young man in the lock-up, like she had done several times before.

Bradbury said one of her cousins drove her mother to the station.

While there, she was approached by Ormsby who said he wanted to speak to her.


'Drop pon har face'


She went back to the car to get her phone to store his number, as she was in a hurry to return to Galina.

"While she went to get the number, my cousin was reversing the car, she hear the explosion," she said. "When she look, she see mi mother lean to one side, then drop pon har face. Then she hear a next explosion."

Meanwhile, Bradbury said that allegations that her son was involved in a relationship with Ormsby are unfounded.

"On the Internet he (Ormsby) put up something saying him and my son was in a relationship. My son say the guy like him. The guy gave him a laptop and the guy gave him a phone. My son say him nuh really in da lifestyle deh, which the guy waa get him that way. My son have him girlfriend," she said.

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