JDF offers condolences to family of slain attorney

December 14, 2018
Ricardo Makyn/Multimedia Photo Editor Military police carrying out items from the house.

The JDF has offered its condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of late attorney Nordraka Williams-Burnett, and said it stands ready to support the police investigation into the matter.

Williams-Burnett was found dead yesterday at her St Andrew home. Her husband, Lt Kyodia Burnett, was taken into custody.

In a statement sent to our news team, the military said: "The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) acknowledges the very regrettable death of Mrs Nordraka Williams-Burnett, wife of Lieutenant (Lt) Kyodia Burnett, a serving officer of the JDF."

The release also said: "The JDF understands that the police were called to the location by neighbours who became aware of a situation at the home that aroused their suspicion. The police reportedly found Lt Burnett alongside Williams-Burnett's seemingly lifeless body, bearing what appeared to be stab wounds inside the family residence."

Williams-Burnett was pronounced dead at the location by a medical doctor.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the JDF, Major Sheldon Bryan, acting civil military co-operation and media affairs officer, told our news team that Burnett last reported to duty on Wednesday.

Bryan said: "He was at work up to late yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon and left in high spirits, so we are not certain as to what transpired."

Bryan said Burnett was being questioned by the JCF "and depending on where the investigation goes, we stand ready."


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