I did not give my baby away - Mother breathes sigh of relief after being reunited with stolen newborn

January 08, 2019
Walton Evans (left) and Latoya White at their home in Tangle River, St James.
Walton Evans (left) kisses the head of his baby girl being held by Detective Eulett Lewis in St James on Sunday while the child's mother, Latoya White, looks on.
Walton Evans thanked the Lord after his baby was found.

Latoya White of Tangle River, St James, is now breathing sigh of relief after being reunited with her three-week-old daughter, who was stolen from her last Friday.

Baby Vernesha Evans, who was born on December 12, 2018 to White and Walton Evans, was snatched by a woman, who, the police say, befriended the mother and convinced her to allow her to hold the baby so she could comfortably use the bathroom.

"Mi never give the girl mi child. I was at the pharmacy, and mi see her come over deh. Mi ask her if she put in her [appointment] card already, and she say long time," White said.

According to White, her name was called, and while walking towards the nurse, she was told hat she wouldn't be able to sign for the medication based on how she was holding the baby.

White, 34, told THE WESTERN STAR that 'Vanessa', the name by which she knows her baby snatcher and who she first met on December 30, offered to help with her baby so she could sign for her medication.

"It was at that time that 'Vanessa' told me that she is a nurse and asked me to follow her to the 10th floor," she said. "I asked her how come she is a nurse and she don't have on any clothes [nurse's uniform], and she said it is her day off. So mi tell her that I was not coming over there, and she said: 'No man, it's your day today. Let me hold the baby and make the two of us walk go over 10th floor."

The distraught and agonised mother said that 'Vanessa' told security guards at the Cornwall Regional Hospital that the baby was her goddaughter.

"If the security had told me that she [Vanessa] had said she is my child's godmother, me wouldn't give her back mi child to hold when I was going to the bathroom. A when she gone with the child they are going to say that she told them that her two pickney them deh a foreign and that she was the godmother for my child," White said.

"When mi come back from the bathroom I don't see her. I looked under the trees, I looked in the pharmacy, and mi still nuh see her. Then I found my handbag and the baby bag I carried on the ground under a tree."

Shortly afterwards, she said that she saw Evans and told him what happened.

White said that they reported the matter to the police, who then launched an investigation into the matter.

But three-week-old Vernesha isn't White's only child. She said that she has two boys, ages 10 and five, who live with their father in Flankers, St James.

"Well, dem deh which part dem father deh because dem father say mi a [another] man woman, so they don't want me fi deh round dem," she said.

She noted that while she is not able to care for the boys as their mother, she wants to ensure that her only daughter gets a good education, so that she can become an air hostess in the future.

Meanwhile, Walton Evans insists that his babymother is not a mad person.

"Nothing not wrong with her, it is her [relatives] them working obeah and throwing blows of witchcraft at her and make she stay so," Evans claims.

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