Weekend Escape: Strawberry Fields Together, a complete fantasy land

January 11, 2019
Strawberry Fields Together is a perfect weekend escape.
Reporter Sade Gardener enjoying the experience at Strawberry Fields Together.
The scenery at Strawberry Fields Together in St Mary is magnificent.
The scenery at Strawberry Fields Together in St Mary is magnificent.
Imagine watching the sunset in once of these cabins at Strawberry Fields Together.
Property manager Kim Chase has been operating the escape sport for more than three decades.

Imagine watching the sunset while lying in a hammock from an upstairs cabin, or waking up to your own private beach cove with pure white sand. Well, you can stop daydreaming and actually experience this and so much more at Strawberry Fields Together in St Mary.

THE WEEKEND STAR kicked off the new year by heading down to the eco-friendly getaway, which spreads across 18 acres of land in Robins Bay.

Property manager Kim Chase gave us the first tour of the newly added Pirates Den, which rests in front of the seafront. Like the other 12 rooms at Strawberry Fields Together, Pirates Den is uniquely designed using natural elements from the environment to transport guests to a new atmosphere where everything feels like a dream. Careful attention to detail could be seen from in the shower curtain rods made of bamboo, the ship-wheel bathroom mirrors, the bathroom sink, and the nightstand tables, which are made from rum barrels.

Another cabin, Love Nest, invites nature inside and allows you to 'hot tub under the stars' and lie in bed while watching the sunrise. The other cabins and villas include rooms like Hidden Treasures, Moonlight Magic, Dream Makers, Sunrise Magic, Purple Passion, and To The World, which all have their own personalities.

Strawberry Fields Together is more than just cabins. It is also the perfect spot for that picnic you've been longing to have or the family reunion you've been planning in that Whatsapp chat. You can bring your own food and pay an entry fee of J$1000 or dine at the Strawberry Patch CafÈ and Grill, which overlooks the entire property. There's a yoga deck, if you want to tap into your inner zen, and hiking tours offered to Kwamen about 90 minutes away.

Fruit trees lie all around at the lush haven, but despite the name, there are actually no strawberries in sight. Chase said the property acquired its name from the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever.

"It was opened in 1972 as a camp ground and got its name from the song, which describes a fantasy place where nothing is real," Chase said. "I came here in 1979 at 19 years old as a newly-wed from Pittsburgh and fell in love with the place."

Chase later acquired the escape, which she has been operating for more than three decades. She said the spot is mostly used by Jamaicans, and she is encouraging more people to take a trip to experience this fantasy land.

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