Woman tricked by fake cop

March 19, 2019

Three years ago, Mary Jones* lost her son to gun violence.

Shortly after, she met Don Brown*, who she thought was the man of her dreams, as he provided comfort during her time of bereavement.

However, a year later, she found out that he was far from the prince charming personality he portrayed and left her in a state of depression with unpaid bills.

“I am so ashamed. The way how I see it, I may go to prison because I owe money because of this man. I have lost my job and me all lose weight. The entire situation just a stress me out,” she said.

Jones re-emphasised that she was vulnerable when she met him and didn’t see any warning signs that he was unscrupulous.

“I was introduced to him by a policeman a few months after my son was killed. The policeman had told me that he was a cop and they had both worked at a police station in St Catherine. My man would wear casual clothes and not uniform but he had told me that he was a detective and sometimes he worked as an undercover agent and that was the reason why he would wear short pants sometimes,” she said.

Months into their relationship, Jones said Brown asked her to take out two loans in her name, from different institutions, amounting to $165,000, in order for him to repair his vehicle. Shortly after, she began hearing rumours that her lover was lying about being a police officer. In fact, it was also speculated that he was a deportee.

“I called the police that had linked me up with him and confronted my man and they both rubbished the claims, stating that they were just merely rumours. Well, the rumours just would not go away, so I never stopped until I found out the truth and I called back his police friend again and he told me to keep it on the down low,” she said.


“When I called my man now, he blocked me and unblocked me a few days later. But he never once explained to me why he lied about his job. Next ting me hear is that him all a stop and search people with him police friend. He had paid off one of the loans but the other one he refuses to pay, and it now has a balance of about $70,000.”

She explained that she even lost her job because she got sick, and because she was trying to repay one of the loans, she had no money to visit the doctor and thus get sick leave.

By the time she returned to work, she was fired.

Jones said that Brown refuses to pay another cent on the other loan.

“Him give me a piece of fridge that wasn’t even working properly and it didn’t have in any shelf. He also gave me a blender and a watch and he is now telling me to sell it and pay for the bill but nobody nah go wa dem to buy. I feel so embarrassed and hurt because I lost weight. Even recently he sent me a voice note where he disrespected me in the worst way. I tried to help him out and he hurt me the worst way. What we had is now over and I just want him to pay the outstanding loan,” she said.

Jones said she has reported the matter to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency.

An officer from the agency has confirmed receiving a statement from Jones and stated that he had advised her accordingly and is in the process of making some enquires into the matter.

*Names changed upon request.

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