93-year-old woman visits Jamaica to see Seaga’s remains

June 11, 2019
Melita Daley shows off a vintage portrait of Seaga and his family.
Melita Daley shows off a vintage portrait of Seaga and his family.

Clutching a photo of former prime minister Edward Seaga, 93-year-old Melita Daley declared that she travelled all the way from the United States to Jamaica to view the remains of the politician.

"From the day mi drop outta mi mother womb, mi a labourite. Never change, and caan change. Mi come just fi see Missa Seaga fi the last time," Daley said, while showing off a vintage portrait of Seaga and his family.

The Jamaica Labour Party supporter, who is as nimble as a teenager, made sure to get her spot at the front of the line that formed outside the Montego Bay Civic Centre in Sam Sharpe Square, St James, on the weekend for the casket viewing.

"Mi have deh picture yah wid Missa Seaga over 50 years now, and it close to mi more than anything inna life," she said.

Daley, a mother of five, said that she was born in St Elizabeth but grew up in St James. However, she has made the United States her home since the 1980s. Her current location has not stopped her from supporting the politician.


"Mi lef yah 1980 go a 'Merica, and mi come back every year. Mi tell dem a 'Merica seh: 'When mi dead, bury mi a Jamaica wid mi Seaga," she said, pledging her love for the politician who died on May 28 on his 89th birthday.

"A domestic work mi do. From mi a grow, mi love mi Seaga bad bad, and Seaga a do good things fi the country. Mi memba inna Gilbert when the hurricane blow, the man just tek up him phone and call. When him call, food come dung a Jamaica galore. So mi know seh Seaga a the best prime minister wi ever have."

Although she travelled to Jamaica to see Seaga, Daley has no issue with his casket being closed. When asked if she was comfortable with the arrangement for the viewing, she said: "Anything them want to do, that is the wife and family business. I don't business wid that. But a one thing mi know, if dem never carry him dung yah (St James), mi did a go a town go see him fi the last."

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