Blaine wants clampdown on bikes transporting children

October 14, 2019

Child-rights advocate Betty-Ann Blaine has called for clampdown on the use of motor cycles to transport children to school.

Blaine, founder of Hear The Children's Cry, said that given the treacherous nature of road conditions; the lack of safety equipment such as helmets for children, and questions about the driving ability of bikers, the Government must intervene quickly.

"Children wearing helmets is merely a first step in the rung of urgent things to be done. What is the point of a child wearing a helmet if the rider is a lawless, incompetent person?"

Conditions are met

Acknowledging that motorcycles are the sole means of transportation for many persons, Blaine said that she would only support children travelling on them if certain important conditions are met.

"A father transporting his child must both be wearing helmets and he should be duly licensed to ride a bike. However, I want to reiterate the need for all the safety pieces to fit together or else it would be counterproductive," Blaine told THE STAR.

She said that her organisation intends to continue lobbying the Government in a bid to secure reform for that will make the streets safer for children. Among the things being demanded is an all-island school bus system.

"Once again, we call on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to give the urgently needed priority treatment to this and other issues adversely affecting Jamaican children and their safety," she said.

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