Returning resident chopped to death

November 19, 2019

After migrating to England a few years ago, 67-year-old Evadney Gayle decided that she wanted to spend her retirement years back in the land of her birth.

Having spent years building her dream home in St Toolies, Manchester, Gayle finally moved back to Jamaica to live in the house.

Sadly, she was only able to spend three weeks in the home, as she was found viciously chopped to death by unknown assailants. Her body was discovered by her common-law husband.

Her nephew told THE STAR that the family is extremely distraught at the senseless killing.

"This incident has shaken our family. Everybody mash up because of the way she died. Nobody nah tek it good. I don't even sleep from last night," he said.

Councillor of the Porus area Claudia Morant-Baker described Gayle as a nature lover. She stated that Gayle built her house on a farm land which had a spring near by, as this was always her dream.

"The springs are behind her house, she loves nature and that is why she decided to stay here. She has been back and forth for a few years but she settled here for a few months, probably a year. It has been three weeks that she would have moved in the house. Sunday night would have made three weeks. Sunday night when I saw her lying in that pool of blood, I cried. It could have been me, my mother or sister who was taken away from us so brutally," she told THE STAR.

Left traumatised

Morant-Baker said members of the quiet St Toolies community have been left traumatised by Gayle's brutal killing as it replicated the killing of a shopkeeper a few years before.

"Even this morning when I closed my door, everything just hit me. She was brutally murdered. It is the second time something like this has happened. Some years ago, Mr Daley was hacked to death and when I saw Ms Gayle last night, it reminded me of that situation," she said.

Superintendent of Police Gary Francis said the police are investigating the murder. He also appealed to persons who may have information about the incident to come forward.

"It does not seem as if she has any close neighbour, but anyone who might have seen anything, come and inform us. We want to assure the citizens that we will continue to investigate this matter," he said.

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