Grenada Carnival bans thongs and G-strings

February 06, 2020

Revellers wishing to take part in Grenada Carnival (Spicemas) this year will now have to cover up and leave all to the imagination as organiser's have announced that thongs, g-strings and full-body paint will not be allowed.

"Understanding that we are living in a Christian society, our morals and values must be upheld," Kelvin Jacob, CEO of Spicemas Corporations stated. 

Although women of all sizes can be seen chipping down the road at Jamaica Carnival in skimpy, bare-as-you dare outfits, Spicemas has banned women with breasts above a D-Cup from wearing wire bras.

"There will be zero tolerance for nudity and indecent exposure. Bands of individuals found engaging in these activities will be escorted off the Parade route and fined,"  a document from Spicemas read.

The announcement has been met with criticism on social media.

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