Second J'can isolated after symptoms progress amid Coronavirus concern

February 10, 2020
Chief Medical Officer Dr Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie

A  patient who was being quarantined after returning home from China is now showing a "progression of symptoms".

The patient has now been isolated at a medical facility. This is the second patient to be isolated.

Dr Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie, chief medical officer, is reporting that the patient has been tested and that the results are expected in another two to three days. The announcement was made at a press briefing at the Health Ministry's New Kingston head office a short while ago.

The patient had been quarantined as part of measures imposed by the Government late last month in response to the Coronavirus.

In addition to the two patients in isolation, there are currently 12 quarantined in government facilities and 78 quarantined at home. 

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