Family Planning Board wary of ‘quarantine’ babies

March 17, 2020


While many people are in 'lockdown' mode due to the COVID-19, there is an opening for more sexual activity, and this is a gateway to an increase in pregnancies.

On that note, the National Family Planning Board is reminding people that while they should take safety precautions against the virus, they should also practise safe sex.

"Being at home in quarantine will no doubt encourage sexual activities to pass the time, but we must remember to use condoms and other contraceptives to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies, especially at this time," Andrea Campbell, director of health promotion and prevention at the National Family Planning Board told THE STAR.

Observe social distancing

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has been urging Jamaicans to observe social distancing during this trying period.

He has suggested that they "quarantine and chill", but conventional wisdom suggests that being locked inside could lead to a baby boom later.

Adult website Pornhub has reported an increase in worldwide traffic as more people self-quarantine. The website has been offering free premium content to some users since COVID-19 cases began increasing outside of China.

Meanwhile, the possibility of unsafe sex practices is not the only thing of concern to the NFPB as it relates to COVID-19.

"Women are more likely to become severely ill with flu when they are pregnant, partly because pregnancy suppresses a person's immune system. Pregnant women should ensure that they partake of a healthy diet, including lots of fruits and vegetables, which can help strengthen the immune system to fight the disease," Campbell said.

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