Blenheim handicapped by poor infrastructure - Despite being the home of National Hero Sir Alexander Bustamante

October 14, 2021
Blenheim, the birthplace of Sir Alexander Bustamante.
Blenheim, the birthplace of Sir Alexander Bustamante.

Despite being the birthplace of National Hero Sir Alexander Bustamante, the small farming community of Blenheim in Hanover continues to suffer from poor infrastructure.

Residents say that they have been forced to live without running water and proper roadways for a number of years.

"I was born in Blenheim more than 30 years now, and water and road have always been our greatest problems," said Roxanne Williams, a shop operator.

"It is very sad to know that this is the birthplace of our most popular national hero, and yet the community has been left neglected just like that."

Williams said that residents are forced to purchase water from trucks, which is very costly.

"It is very hard to afford because it cost us $4,500 to full each tank, and although we have complained every day, we still do not get any form of response," she said.

Another resident, Lambert Myrie, said that there is a need to improve the socio-economic fortunes of people in Blenheim.

"We want better standard of living and we are not working for handouts, but we need support from our political representatives, especially the JLP," he said. "The area is a full JLP area, but we are not getting the support from the party and this is a shame, because they must remember that this little country town is the birthplace of [Bustamante] and the first man in Jamaica to put a foot forward for the JLP."

"We need road and we need water. Them have the Bustamante attraction over here and it is just the little piece of road that leads from the main road to the cultural centre them pave, just so visitors can drive comfortably, but them leave us fi suffer," Myrie said.

"Look at the road, it is an eyesore. We voted for better but they are not doing any favours for us. Dem just leave wi out inna the cold inna Blenheim."

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