Outrage as man who shot up police station escapes

January 26, 2022
 Cross Keys Police Station
Cross Keys Police Station

A Manchester councillor has expressed disappointment that a man who staged a daring attack on the police at the Cross Keys Police Station on Tuesday was able to escape.

According to police reports, 25-year-old Orlando Lee was reporting on condition of his bail at the station, in relation to a case of illegal possession of firearm. Police noticed Lee had a bulge in his waist and attempted to accost him. The accused then pulled a gun from his waist, opened fire inside the station and escaped. No one was injured.

"We are disappointed that he got away. We need better policing... I am hearing there is no jeep at the station for them to do their work properly so that is one of the challenges. Without a jeep at the station, the police cannot do what they want to do," said Iceval Brown, councillor of the Grove Town Division in the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

Though happy that no lives were lost, Brown indicated that greater measures need to be taken to prevent a recurrence.

"The man could have killed everybody in there and killed other people. I am going to write to council to have them write to (the security) minister and the relevant people to get a jeep for Cross Keys because there is no way they can do their job effectively without a police jeep or vehicle," Brown added.

But Deputy Superintendent of Police, Anthony Lewis, said that despite limited resources, there were two units conducting activities in the area that responded to the shooting within minutes.

"When a vehicle is down in one area, we have four vehicles in another area and we send one there," he said. Lee is said to be of a Blenheim, Newport address in the parish. Police have described him as "armed and extremely vigilant".

As the police remain on the hunt for the perpetrator, the lawmen are appealing to individuals who may be aware of Lee's whereabouts to report to the Mandeville Police Station by calling 876 961- 5538.

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