Jamaican Spider-Man flying high in Adidas’s Arsenal commercial

August 30, 2022
Conroy Allen, the ‘Jamaican Spider-Man’.
Conroy Allen, the ‘Jamaican Spider-Man’.
Conroy 'Jamaican Spider-Man' Allen
Conroy 'Jamaican Spider-Man' Allen

Conroy Allen, popularly known as the 'Jamaican Spider-Man', has leapt his way into an Adidas and Arsenal commercial.

Allen, who regularly dons suit resembling that worn by the web-spinning Marvel Comics superhero, was recently featured in a commercial for sportswear giant Adidas, featuring a new pre-match jersey for English Premier League team Arsenal FC. The team released the jersey, which celebrates its Jamaican supporters with the colours black, green and gold, at the start of the current season. Allen, who is from Portland, said that although he had to strip out of his 'Spidey suit', he got a chance to really show off his acrobatic moves.

"I am one of the main talents in the commercial and am like a model or one of the faces of the jersey. I wasn't dressed up in my Spider-Man suit but I got a chance to show off my moves in it and my face is out there. My face is everywhere, it deh pon di website and right now it probably deh inna some stores all over the world," he bragged.

According to the Arsenal FC website, the jersey features a bold over geometric print in green, gold and black, the colours of the Jamaican flag. The campaign mixes football and fashion and features supporters in Jamaica as well as players in London wearing the jersey, which was showcased over the weekend at the popular Notting Hill Carnival. Allen, who goes by the moniker Deeosi, said this commercial is a major boost for him.

"This is a nice stepping stone as my face is all over the world. This shows that I have potential and the fact that I could pull off something with such big brands is everything. It was an audition and I went up against a lot of people and to get the part is a big thing. I got picked as a main talent and not just an extra and this is a big moment for me," he said.

The 24-year-old was also featured as an extra in the 2021 James Bond film, No Time to Die.

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