Lesbian couple lose baby after fight

November 29, 2022

A Corporate Area woman raised eyebrows in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday after she claimed to have lost a child she was carrying for her lesbian partner.

According to the woman, she was pregnant with her 'husband's' child but had a miscarriage after she was assaulted by her partner, Althea Bailey, and her friend, Michael Flemmings.

Bailey and Flemmings have been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. However, the complainant has asked the court to drop the charges against her lesbian partner, who she refers to as her husband. She said that the man was responsible for the loss of her child.

No evidence was presented in court to prove that the complainant was pregnant and has miscarried. It was also not said how she came to be carrying a child for another female.

In the jaw-dropping case, the court heard that on October 18, the complainant got into a fight with Bailey and Flemmings, when she received multiple punches to her face. It was shared with the court that the disagreement started after Bailey carried another woman to the complainant's place of business. In her explanation to the court, Bailey suggested that jealously may have been at the heart of the attack.

"Your Honour, I was in downtown and I wanted to buy a juice, but she (the complainant) didn't have it. So I buy it from her daughter. She say to me 'Who and you dat a walk?' and me never answer. So she say 'Yuh nuh hear me a talk to yuh?'," Bailey shared, adding that the other woman is a co-worker.

"So a dat carry the feelings, you nuh catch the rake?" Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole Montaque asked. "You are saying that it is a co-worker but maybe she thought it was something else," the judge added.

Cole-Montaque implored the parties to talk about the matter, and expressed the belief that the issue could be mediated. She then sought to find out the injuries the complainant sustained from the alleged incident. It was at that point that the complainant made the bombshell claim.

"This man (Flemmings) come from nowhere when me and my husband (referring to Bailey) a fight and kick me in my face. I lose my child after that. I was bringing a child for my husband and I lose the child. Him lick me down a ground and kick me," the complainant said.

The complainant said she was not seeking to be compensated by Flemmings and is willing to end proceedings with her partner Bailey.

"Based on everything him put me through, him a push my husband to get other girl. I want this to go to trial," the complainant told the judge.

The senior jurist then imposed bail conditions on both accused. They are not to have contact or communication with the complainant. Flemmings and Bailey are to return to court on January 31, next year, when the matter is set for mention.

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