Family hurt by son’s killing

December 09, 2022

The shooting death of 19-year-old fisherman Desmond Mitchell has left family members in a state of shock as they desperately try to come to grips with his untimely passing.

Mitchell was gunned down at his home in Annotto Bay, St Mary, on Monday by unknown assailants. Desmond was said to have been shot in the head as he opened his door, but the family is awaiting the findings of a post-mortem to determine how many times he was hit. Shamoya Mitchell, one of Desmond's sisters, said the family is still trying to figure out what was the motive for his killing, especially in a community where he was well loved and appreciated.

"I can't help but cry for my brother who was very jovial and helpful to just about everyone in our community. We continue to ask how or why he was killed. It has not been easy for us as family, "she said.

"I last saw him on Sunday (December 4) when I handed him some hair product for a friend. It was about 3 a.m. Monday, while I was on my phone that I heard several loud explosions, which triggered cursing words from my mouth. Shortly after my phone rang and my sister-in-law was crying and she said that 'Mack' (Desmond's nickname) is dead. I ran into my mother's room and told her about the incident. It was like our world had come crashing down," she added.

According to Mitchell, they quickly rushed over to the house, which is nearby, and saw her brother lying face down in a pool of blood on the floor.

Desmond owned a boat and engine, but, according to his sister, he spent the last few days at his father's jewellery store in Port Maria, assisting him with the workload. She said this was the norm for him, especially when he was not out fishing.

"At nights he would come by my bar to play dominoes with his friends and afterwards he would head straight home to his girlfriend... he was not a person that would be on the road or be involved in wrongdoing. He was a friend to everyone and we are not aware of him having any enemies," Mitchell said.

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