‘Spyce’ loses fight with cancer

January 06, 2023
Patrice ‘Spyce’ Kerr
Patrice ‘Spyce’ Kerr

Patrice 'Spyce' Kerr was the life of the party wherever she went. Her vivacious personality and her keen fashion sense earned her the admiration of many and caused those in her company to smile.

These days, however, the family members and friends of 'Spyce' have been forced to come to terms with the reality that she is no longer around. The 31-year-old event promoter lost her battle to blood cancer on December 27.

Her sister, Tanya, was inconsolable when she spoke with THE WEEKEND STAR. She said that 'Spyce' put up a strong fight but was unable to win the fight against the dreaded illness.

"It was like she came to terms that she wasn't going to make it, so she told us that she wanted us to take care of our grandmother and each other. She wanted us to give our lives to God," Tanya said.

'Spyce' was a popular figure on social media sites and on the dancehall scene. She made an appearance in Spice's Fight Ova Man video.

According to Tanya, the event promoter's health began to fail in 2019 after she discovered a cyst on her buttocks.

"It started to grow and she eventually cut it in 2020 and she told us that she found out that the cyst had cancer cells. But she thought it had died out when she cut it. She didn't follow up with the treatment so it move from one stage to the other," Tanya said.

She said it was heart-rending to see her sister's health rapidly decline in the last few months, considering the fact that she a very jovial, fun-loving person who was always full of life.

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