Stacious serves up something scrumptious

January 24, 2023

Dancehall artiste Stacious is always on the move. The Come Into My Room singer has earnestly pursued music and entrepreneurship, and states that the secret to balancing all she has on her plate is remaining positive and always learning from errors along the journey.

"Honestly, what keeps me motivated is just trying to be my best self and utilise all the amazing opportunities that God has bestowed upon me. I stay thankful and try to always make today and tomorrow better than yesterday," Stacious shared.

The singer has recently settled into her newest location for her juice bar and cafe, Cafe Scrumptious, located inside Dunn's Electrical Building off Red Hills Road, St Andrew.

"During COVID, I ventured into a new location for my juice bar. So at that time I was going through the growing phases of nurturing the business, and now I am at a point where I do not have to go in every day. Things have been structured a lot better now, and I do have employees who keep things afloat for me; so that has been going well," she told THE STAR.

Having settled down into that venture, the singjay says she has a lot more time to focus on her music, which is a major goal in 2023.

"I want to do a lot more music. I do have two releases slated. I have already released the audio for one, and will be releasing the music video at the end of this month for Love Story. Then, I have a collab coming out with a new artiste, Flammz. That track is called Something Rude, and we will be shooting the video shortly as well. There are also several other songs and projects on the way, I just can't say when just yet," she said.

Ensuring that she lives out all her passions, Stacious, whose given name is Stacey Scarlett Bryan, is also a radio presenter. She said that she has a separate love for this because if she had not become an artiste, she would definitely want to be a full-time media personality.

Going into the rest of 2023, she said that she is "holding on to faith" and trusting that things will work out accordingly.

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