Ramdin shocker!

July 09, 2016
Denesh Ramdin in action during the ICC World Twenty20 tournament this year.

West Indies cricket captain Denesh Ramdin has expressed shock at what appears to be a decision to exclude him from the West Indies squad for the upcoming four-Test series against India in the Caribbean.

Ramdin, in a tweet on Wednesday, said he had been told by chairman of selectors Courtney Browne that he would not be included in the squad as he would need to improve his average.

"The chairman (Browne) called me and he explained to me I would no longer be in the four-Test series coming up against India. He said over the past five six years, my averages haven't been where they should be as a Test player, so they need someone else to fill that position and do well for the West Indies," Ramdin told Maurice Foster during an interview on Power 106 FM's Power Play yesterday.

"I'm pretty disappointed with it; any player would be disappointed. That was said to me that I have to get back in - the four-day regional set up and score runs again," he added.

Ramdin had a batting average of 28.14 in the recent one-day international tri-series against Australia and South Africa.

"It seems like I'm not a senior player who has done well over the years. But I've been down that road before and come back and done very well, so I think the process is easy," Ramdin said.

Ramdin was stripped of the captaincy following a home series loss to Australia last year.

"I haven't felt any pressure for the last three or four years. It was quite a surprise to me. I felt a bit surprised, but I have no choice but to live by the decision of the higher authority. I don't own cricket and, well, I have to go back to my game in the regional four-day set up and come again," he said.

.Ramdin also said the fact that he was unable to sign a contract with a Caribbean Premier League team because of contractual obligations with the West Indies would severely affect his bottom line.

"My name was in the draft. I was called by Barbados Tridents and I was told after that I cannot because we have Test match coming up. I was told we were not allowed to get into the draft. I was stopped, and if that was in their plans, they could have given me the opportunity to go ahead and play my CPL and earn some cash," he said.

"Now I'm losing out on both sides. What happens to Denesh Ramdin?" he added.

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