Let the experts decide! ....Bolt says he can't determine place in sports history

September 26, 2016
Usain Bolt

World sprint superstar Usain Bolt came under heavy scrutiny after photos of him and several females enjoying a good time were splashed across social and news media networks after the Olympic Games.

However, the Trelawny native told ESPN Sportscentre in an interview on Thursday that he is currently in a serious relationship and although he has no immediate plans to tie the knot, his aim is to follow in the footsteps of his parents and have a long and happy marriage.

"I just got into a serious relationship, so I am taking my time. My parents were together for a while before they got married so, for me, I am taking my time to ensure it's the right girl. I believe in marriage, I don't want to get divorced when I get married, so it has to be perfect," he said.

Meanwhile, the iconic sprinter says it would be difficult for him to determine his place and greatness in sports history and insists that it is a matter for journalists and sport experts to decide.

The 30-year-old maintained that he will not turn out for a fourth Olympic Games, even though he will miss competing.

"I have worked hard throughout the years and I knew this (Rio) Olympics was very important in getting me here. I was very focused and I got it done, but I leave that up to you guys to decide what level I am at. I can't say, I always let the media make those decisions," he said.

"I will miss the competition. I love competing, it's something I enjoy, the crowd and the energy that they give. I will miss that the most, just being in the stadium, being on the track. I won't miss the training, especially when I get injured and I have to train twice a day," he said.

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