Synthetic track for Jamaica College?

October 25, 2016
File Athletes running on the grass track at Jamaica College.
File Forbes

Jamaica College could join Calabar High and Kingston College as locations for synthetic tracks for athletics. That's the word from Ian Forbes, the chairman of the Jamaica College sports committee.

Forbes said his school had been contemplating the acquisition of such a track for some time.

Speaking in the wake of announced work by Kingston College to install a synthetic track at its Melbourne campus, Forbes said: "It's something we have considered over a long period of time and I think the will is there to do it. There's nothing wrong with the natural surface but as you know, the sport has moved rapidly and we must change with the time."

JC's spacious 189 Old Hope Road campus could comfortably accommodate a synthetic replacement for its existing 320 metres grass surface, he noted.

"It's just a matter of mobilising or completing the process of mobilising the requisite resources", he estimated. According to figures released last week, the Kingston College track will cost $58 million. Calabar, the first high school to install such a facility, raised $55 million to complete the works earlier this year.

In 2011, Jamaica College inaugurated an innovative five runway jumps facility which has helped the school to prominence in the long and triple jumps. Since then, the school has also built and equipped a top class gym.

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