More delays for Ffriend in manslaughter appeal

March 14, 2017
Kimani Ffriend

Jamaican basketballer Kimani Ffriend has faced another delay in his bid to have a conviction for vehicular manslaughter arising from the 2012 death of a Serbian woman overturned.

Friend was due to return to court yesterday after a judge agreed to a one-day hearing as he appealed the conviction.

However, Ffriend told STAR Sports yesterday that the case was postponed until April 10 as the court "did not give proper notice to the lawyer of the family of the deceased and so he did not appear and court could not go on legally".

Ffriend has spent two years and eight months of his sentence, part of that period under house arrest after he was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in 2014 for the November 3, 2012, death of Serbian Nevena Dragtunovic.


"My lawyers said in normal practice this is the position because maybe the judge recognised some mistakes and wants to ask questions to change some things, and the only way to do that is to have an open hearing in court. So we see what questions they will ask and who they will ask to come to court," the former national player told STAR Sports as it relates to the new hearing.

"They could have confirmed the three years if they wanted to be done with everything. I just have to believe that they recognised some inconsistencies and want to address those issues," he said.

Late last year, Ffriend signed a contract with Serbian team OKK Beograd and only a few weeks ago got a new contract with the top team in the country's domestic league Dynamic.

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