Stadium smokers known to police - SSP Bent has summons ready

March 25, 2017
Senior Superintendent of Police Terrence Bent.

Senior Superintendent of Police Terrence Bent told STAR Sports yesterday the men who refused to desist from smoking marijuana inside the National Stadium during last Monday's Premier League fixture will be prosecuted.

"The men were warned. We know them and we know where they are from. They will be prosecuted. The persons were warned and summons will be prepared, then they go to court," Bent said.

Independence Park Limited's general manager, Major Desmon Brown, told STAR Sports this week that the police were ganged by supporters of the men when approached by the police.

Bent said the identities of the parties involved are known and steps will be taken to bring them to book.

Bent also sought to explain why the men were not dealt with immediately.

"If you are faced with a situation that might escalate, the options have to be weighed to minimise risk. You don't want a confrontation that might turn into a melee. We assess the risk of an escalation and good sense will prevail," he said.




"In that same stadium, we were able to diffuse several other incidents by moral suasion, but as you know, there are individuals who cannot be persuaded. We have gone in the past and convinced other persons but there are others who resist. Not every situation requires an arrest," he added.

Meanwhile, Bent was not overly concerned about what will happen at next week's Boys and Girls' Champs. He said the crowd at Champs is usually different from those at Premier League football matches.

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